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July 2013

The picture is of our grandfather/great grandfather Fred Sathoff 1894-1986. He was a professional Board Track motorcycle racer for the Harley Davidson Company in the 1920's. In 1923, the year this picture was taken he set the Kansas City Board Track record 102mph. In the same year, he set what some said to be the world speed record with Sidecar and Passenger. He summed it up in his own words, " That guy in the sidecar had a hell of a lot more guts than I did ". The wooden board track was called the 'Million Dollar Speedway'. It was constructed around Bannister Road & Troost Street in Kansas City, Missouri. Made of thousands of 2x4's turned on their edges it was quite a site. Unfortunately the winters here in the midwest took their toll and it had only a few years life span for the motorcyclist's due to the boards warping. You can view many pictures of him & the track on in our USA Tool Supply album. We thought the picture was too good not to share somewhere on the site.

As a young boy I spent summers with my grandfather on the farm. Once a week we would go to town for groceries, hardware items etc. I remember back in the 60's most import items came from Japan.  As we hardware/tool shopped, before he bought anything he would look to see where it was made. If it was imported, in a big voice he would say to me, "Come over here, look at this. What's wrong don't they make these in America ?".  I assumed my grandfather was making a big deal about nothing. I didn't understand the problem with these imported items. I have to give him credit for the insight he had back then. Look where we are today. So......

 We dedicated this site to products 'Made in the USA'. We honor those who came before us, our parents, grandparents/great grandparents. Through their hard work, they built this country to be the world leader of manufactured goods. Back then the products American's purchased were made by other Americans.  We can all see how the huge loss of manufacturing jobs has affected our country. Creating this web site, searching for USA made product was an unbelievable eye opener. Most all of the icon "Made in USA" tool companies manufacture offshore now. At one point we wondered if there would even be enough product made here to sustain a web store. It is a struggle.

We hope things will change, or begin to. If we all would only do something small, like looking for the 'country of origin' label before we make a purchase, maybe we can help change things. Whether a toothbrush, household item or tool. Taking the time to look for an American Made product does make a difference. When it comes to tools, no matter where you buy please buy USA if possible.

Please support American jobs, and the American worker. Thank you. 


On the Web Site;

Morse Cutting Tools. The good '135 Degree Split Point Drill Bits'.  Inventors of the twist drill, and the Morse Taper.

US Jack. Bottle Jacks & Garage Stands. The only 100% USA Made with 100% USA Parts.  Supplier's of our US Military.

Fein Tool.  Magnetic Based Driils. The (5) USA ones. Made in Davenport, Iowa.

Jancy.  Annular Cutters. Made in Davenport, Iowa.

Wright. Hand Tools. Made in USA.

Ken-Tool. Tire related tools.  Made in USA.

A&M Diamond Burrs. Made in USA.

S&W Thread Checkers (these are great) USA.

Ajax Air Hammer Bits, USA.


New Additions;

Falcon Abrasives, USA. They specialize in Cut Off Wheels. The good ones.

United Abrasive, USA. Flap Discs.

Elite Abrasives. Flap Discs. A new, Made in USA Company.

Grayvik Hammers. Made in USA.